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Programs - Compassion and Care

St. Christopher's

Our Goal
No one falls through the cracks


Pastoral Care at St. Christopher's

Guiding Principles

• if parishioners are in hospital, they are visited;
• if they are unable to come to the church, they stay connected;
• if they are bereaved, they are comforted;
• if they are going through a tough time, they know they are not alone.

Our care is supported through prayer and appropriate sacramental ministry.

Visiting Ministries

To help us stay connected with each other, we offer visits to parishioners of all ages,
• at home, wherever they live; this includes nursing homes and long term care residences
• in hospital; for support, silent company, to help with feelings of loneliness or apprehensiveness
• for communion at home or hospital; by a trained lay volunteer or by a member of the clergy
• by telephone; to help people feel connected, especially for people who live alone.

If you or someone you know are unable to get to St Christopher’s because of illness, frailty, or
just having a difficult time, a parish volunteer or clergy can visit you wherever you are, whatever shape you are in. Visits can be arranged on a regular basis or just once in a while. You may wish a friendly visit to keep in touch, or you may have a pastoral situation you wish to discuss.



A request to the Prayer Chain is usually made through the clergy, for special emergency situations. Prayer is offered every day for two weeks, by volunteers who include the request in their daily prayers. Only the people on the prayer chain are aware of who is being prayed for. The length of time can be extended as necessary.

As an alternative, the Prayer List is published in the bulletin each Sunday. People on the prayer list are included in the prayers each Thursday at the 11:00 am worship.

Alongsiders is a prayer ministry, where parishioners whose active ministry at St Christopher’s is praying ongoing for other parishioners, who are unable to take part in parish life in other ways. Alongsiders themselves, often have limited access to St Christopher’s activities and praying for others
helps keep them in touch.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is offered on Sunday mornings 8.50-9.15 and 10.30-11.15, by volunteers with Therapeutic Touch training. The TT practitioners work with your energy flow and attempt, with God’s help, to bring wholeness and relaxation. A session usually lasts about 15 minutes and is followed by a period of rest. The treatment is given with loving intention and compassion for wholeness and health in mind, body and spirit.

Pastoral Counselling

The clergy are available for individual appointments. Please call the church office and speak directly with the clergy.

Seniors’ Luncheons

The week before Christmas and the week after Easter, seniors are invited to a worship service at 11 am, followed by a hot luncheon made in St Christopher’s kitchen. After lunch the choir leads us in singing favourite carols and hymns. Every effort is made to reach people who are unable to get out to church at any other time.

Funeral Hospitality

A reception is available at the conclusion of funerals or memorial services held at St Christopher’s, to provide refreshment and an opportunity for family and friends to meet together. Funeral Hospitality is available at a nominal fee. Your guests are graciously welcomed with tea and coffee, dessert or a light lunch after the service, usually before the burial of your loved one.

Notify the clergy helping you plan the memorial or funeral service, or call Carol Henley, Parish Administrator, at 905.634.1809.

All Souls

A service to remember family & friends who have died - on or around November 2nd.

Quiet Christmas

A quiet, reflective Christmas service the week before Christmas.

Being a Compassion and Care Volunteer
Being a volunteer in compassion and care is rewarding as well as challenging. If you have compassion and enjoy interacting with people– this ministry may be an opportunity for you.



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