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Support our Ministry

St. Christopher's is both home and hub for a wide variety of ministries serving people in the parish, the neighbourhood, Burlington, and beyond. This is only possible as we receive financial gifts to support the ministry.

You are welcome to participate at St. Christopher's regardless of your financial contributions. What matters most is you - not your money.

At the same time, we know that as people grow in faith, they also grow in generosity. As we pay attention to God's blessings in our lives and become more grateful, we become more like God: generous, compassionate, and loving. This is why most Christians embrace the habit of proportional giving: regularly giving a percentage of their income to support the ministry of the church.

We want to challenge everyone at St. Christopher's to begin the habit of proportional giving. If you are just beginning, identify a percentage of your income as your starting point (2%?) and grow each year from there.

The best way for you to give is by pre-authorized payment - the same way you enact many other transactions. It's easy for you and reliable for us. You can also support our ministry through Planned Giving. Ask the Rector for more information.


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